what in the world

i went back and looked through some of my ask drawings and i noticed

what the heck did i dr—

what is going on with your knuckl—


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    yep, i don’t mind!
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    You kidding? I fucking love those knuckles!
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    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff can i use these for scourge’s blog please? XD
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  5. idk-jeez said: Guess now he can flip twice as many people off with one hand. Not that much of a loss there.
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    fjdklfjdkldsjklsdj HIS FACE AHAHAHAHA “WHAT IS THIS HAND”
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    sdkljfsdlf I just snorted my soda XD I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THAT GOD that last pic just… you are so good at expressions...
  9. dardanos said: THE NOISE I MADE WAS NOT HUMAN
  10. alister-dokimuth said: omfg obviously he’s a //multitasker// and by that i mean //he’s handy with his hands// and by that i mean fapfapfap